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The Epillanic Choragi CD

Image of The Epillanic Choragi CD



BSK019CD: NO MADE SENSE – ‘The Epillanic Choragi’

1) Wake Of Syr
2) The Epillanic Choragi
3) Entases Of Azure
4) Seeking Beyond
5) Milachis Depths
6) Aciculaccolith
7) Elico Moieties
8) Porphyrachis
9) Epinolitholatyr
10) Wake Of Syr II

"debut albums rarely come as fully formed or as enveloping as The Epillanic intricately unfolding yet still crushingly
heavy odyssey that feels as though it's casting off its influences and uncovering new, epic terrain in the process." - METAL HAMMER [8/10]

"UK three-piece No Made Sense release their colossal mind fuck of a debut album. Encapsulating everything that is great about modern metal...Glorious!" - ROCK SOUND MAGAZINE [9/10]

"Some of the smartest, progressive metal you're likely to hear from any British band. Ever." - PLANET LOUD [10/10]

"No Made Sense need to be in your 'absolutely f**king essential list'...'The Epillanic Choragi' is a very, very impressive debut." - DSD [10/10]

"Potential album of the year." - SONIC DICE [6/6]